INESSASTANISHEVSKAYA | biomedical communication

About me | My name is Inessa Stanishevskaya, and as a biomedical communications specialist my intent is to effectively and accurately explain complex concepts in the biomedical and health sciences through various visual media, such as animations, illustrations, and infographics.

I received my MSc in Biomedical Communications from the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto. With my BSc being in Biomedical Engineering, I believe that my background and research experience in the field, as well as my passion for visual communication, has given me a unique skillset for understanding and translating ideas into visual media, which would be difficult to communicate otherwise.

I love to learn about all things science and tech, and have a particular soft spot for topics in biomedicine, tissue engineering, biomaterials, pathophysiology, and nanotechnology.

In my spare time I love to read, travel, hike, and spend inordinate amounts of time with my dog.

Curriculum Vitae | download full CV (pdf)

About biomedical communication | Biomedical communication (or medical illustration) is an interdisciplinary profession that bridges art, science, medicine, and communication in order to create visual materials that can be used for educational visualization, health promotion, legal cases, and as part of the process of scientific discovery.

Biomedical communicators often have strong scientific and medical backgrounds, and specialize in conceptualizing biomedical phenomena. Biomedical communicators are capable of going where cameras and lights cannot, seeing things at scales that are otherwise invisible, and much much more.



"Copying a medical object is not medical illustrating. The camera copies as well, and often better, than the eye and medical drawing full comprehension must precede execution”~Max Brödel