INESSASTANISHEVSKAYA | biomedical communication

The Process | From the initial concept sketch, to the modeling, to additional variations.

Format | Online & print journal

Media | Maxon Cinema 4D (Adobe InDesign for the layout shown in the inset)

Audience | IMS department, the scientific community within the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Toronto, and clinicians, scientists, and medical staff at affiliated hospitals.

Purpose | The University of Toronto's Insitute of Medical Science(IMS) Magazine is a graduate department-guided, student-led, and collaborative initiative. It showcases novel research findings of the IMS faculty, and communicates health science research as a whole.

Since joining the design team in the spring of 2012, we have been responsible for the layout and design elements of the magazine. This quarter's publication featured genomic medicine, or the application of knowledge of the human genome to medical practice. I designed this cover to reflect the potential of using a person's genome in individualized patient care.

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