INESSASTANISHEVSKAYA | biomedical communication

The Closeup | Selected details of mammalian, bony fish, insect, and jawless vertebrate-related immunities.

Format | Print- journal

Media | Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6

Audience | Department of Immunology, University of Toronto

Purpose | The University of Toronto's Department of Immunology IMMPress Magazine showcases news and research of the department and its role both in the university and the scientific community.

This issue was focused on the evolution of the immune system, the evolution of the department, and the evolution of the field of immunology as a whole.

The cover focuses on some of the immunities of various animals, such as DSCAM in insects, spRAG1l and spRAG2l in echinoderms, VLR in jawless vertebrates, and various immunoglobulin subtypes in animals that possess the adaptive immune system. The background displays receptors that play key roles within each of the immune systems, such as TLR for the innate immune system, and TCR, MHCI, and MHCII in the adaptive immune system.