INESSASTANISHEVSKAYA | biomedical communication

The Process | From the initial concept sketch, to vectored shapes in Illustrator, to initial Photoshop renders.

Format | Print - poster

Media | Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5

Audience | Clinicians, surgical residents, medical students

Purpose | This illustration was developed as part of a surgical illustration course. It is part of a larger series of sketches detailing a cataract removal surgery and intraocular lens implantation. This particular step in the procedure was fully rendered and laid out as a potential poster or part of a poster intended to orient the audience to the incision sites, to familiarize them with the relevant anatomy of the eye, and to display the mechanisms of action of the tools used.

During this step, the central portion of the cataract-ridden lens, which is denser than the periphery, is rotated and broken up by a chopper-manipulator tool while simultaneously emulsified and aspirated by a phacoemulsification probe. Once the entire cataract is removed, the intraocular lens can be inserted, restoring the patient's vision.

This was an exercise in detailing a surgical procedure, as well as rendering in tone.